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About Us & Our

Mayo Alerts is provided by Pin Point Alerts Ltd, a Kilkenny-based company that specialises in providing location-based alert services for he Irish market. Our services are used by 21 Irish local authorities, over 200 community text alert groups, semi-state agencies and a large number of private clients. Mayo Alerts is the latest service that we have developed to answer a demand from the local audience to provide an alert service that we are already providing to other parts of the country.

Our technology and approach

Founded in 2011, Pin Point Alerts provides a variety of alert services based on geo-location. Our team of digital mapping and web experts ensure that you can easily subscribe to receive alerts for the places that matter to you. This ensures our alert services provide timely, accurate and relevant alerts to subscribers at all times. We have won various awards and recognition for our alert services since launching more than a decade ago.
Our technology is extremely reliable, and we have been awarded numerous public tenders to meet a growing demand from state agencies to provide unique, geo-focused alert services. Our technology has been showcased at the United Nations as well as many tech. conferences across the world. We continue to innovate and grow our range of services, and we are pleased to launch Mayo Alerts to help with this expansion strategy.
Our team comprises of web developer and digital mapping (GIS) experts. We also have certified GDPR Data Protection Practitioners among our staff, and we have developed all our services - including Mayo Alerts - with data privacy at the heart of the solution at all times. We continue to establish our range of services across the Irish market and we aim to introduce new features to Mayo Alerts in the coming months and years.
You can contact us if you wish to learn more about our company or services. We have dedicated services and products available for the Community Text Alert market, and we would be delighted to speak with any Co. Mayo local text alert coordinators, in particular, that are looking at providing a cost-effective and reliable solution that works well with Garda systems.

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Stay informed about your Co. Mayo locations. By signing up for Mayo Alerts, you will receive "heads up" alerts and updates for the places that matter to you.