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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

After you pay for a subscriber account, you can provide mapped locations in Co. Mayo and this will let us know which alerts you should receive. All alerts are localised, so if you live in Strandhill then you will only receive alerts for this part of the county. This ensures your alerts are always relevant. You can opt in and out of a number of alert categories, depending on your preferences.

What areas are covered?

There is complete, countywide coverage for all parts of Co. Mayo.  

What is a subscriber account?

Most features on this service are premium features, meaning that you need to have an active subscriber account to access them. For example, if you do not have a subscriber account then you will only be able to browse the Live Map but you won't be able to read full information on any alert.

Your subscription is based on an annual payment, and you can renew at the end of your subscription period. If your subscription expires then you will stop receiving alerts.

It is quick and easy to register for a subscriber account, and you are eligble to receive alerts as soon as your account is created..

What are the main benefits?
  1. Alerts are always localised, meaning you will only receive updates from us when something impacts your mapped local areas. The benefit here is that you won't be bombarded with alerts from across the county, and each alert will be local in nature.
  2. This service is a huge time saver. If you find yourself couring planning lists, or browsing OPW/EPA websites for water updates then we will do all the searching on your behalf and let you know when something may impact you.
  3. There is no cost to receive alerts once you create your subscriber account. Email alerts are always free, and SMS alerts for Co. Mayo severe weather warnings are also free.
Where is the alert information sourced from?

The alert service is fully automated and is powered by open data from a number of reputable, government sources:

  • Planning Applications: Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage
  • River Heights: Office of Public Works
  • Property Sales: Property Price Register
  • Public Consultations: Office of the Planning Regulator
  • Bathing Water Quality/Incidents: Environmental Protection Agency
  • Severe Weather Warnings: Met Eireann
  • Water Outages: Uisce Eireann
  • Tide Time Predictions: Geological Survey of Ireland
  • Additional Open & Publicly Accessible Data: Local Authorities
Is Community Text Alert provided?

Our company already provides community text alert services to other Mayo groups, so we are familiar with how the system operates. If your text alert group wishes to switch over to Mayo Alerts then it means that you can provide your Text Alert service here. Please contact us if you are interested in switching your Mayo community text alert group over to

Is there a limit on a number of alerts that I receive?

No! You will receive as many alerts as necessary, depending on the number of locations you provide and the number of alerts that are issued. All alerts are issued by email, and you can also opt in to receive Level Orange and Level Red severe weather alerts by SMS text message at no additional cost.

Do you have a trial period for a subscriber account?

Yes! All subscribers can start on a complimentary 3-month free trial. Card details are not required. After three months, if you like what you see then you can choose to pay for the annual subscriber plan. Create Free Trial (no card required)

Is it possible to get alerts outside Co. Mayo?

For most categories, No. This service is limited to alerts that are issued by data providers for Co. Mayo. However, Mayo Alerts is analysing all 31 planning registers from across the country, so if you register a map location on the Mayo-Leitrim border then you may also receive occasional alerts from Leitrim's planning register. The same applies to planning activity at border areas near Roscommon, Mayo and possibly South Donegal.

Who provides this service?

Pin Point Alerts Ltd developed this service in response to a number of requests to offer a professional alert service for the county. We already offer other services to neighbouring counties through the local authority, and this website ensures that a similar service can operate independently in Co. Mayo. 

Pin Point Alerts was established in 2011 and the Kilkenny-based company provides countywide alert services for almost all counties. Mayo Alerts ensures that we can provide an alert system for the county. Learn more about our company.