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Mayo Alerts Blog Manager | 1st July 2024

Mayo Property Sales:
Trends & Insights

The Mayo residential property price register includes key statistics on property sales across Co. Mayo over the past 14 years. You can view key statistics and trends to help you gain a better understanding of property sales in your preferred parts of the county.

Mayo Property Sale Visualizations

The best way to visualize Mayo property sale information is on our Mayo Alerts property map and by viewing a series of easy-to-understand graphs. This article offers a detailed overview of the county's recent property sales so you can learn about what has sold in your area of interest.

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Property sale information for Mayo is provided by the Residential Property Price Register (RPPR). The source data goes back as far as 2010 and it can sometimes be tricky and time-consuming to work with. Our job is to speed up this process for you and present the results here in a simple way.
Cong, Co. Mayo

The first task that we carry out is to download the RPPR data for Mayo, going all the way back to 2010. We process this data every week and we update this page with new results as they are released by RPPR. So that means we are saving you a lot of time! Just bookmark this page and you can return to view new property sale statistics for Mayo every week! We analyse these results and present them here as two distinct sets of visualizations: maps and graphs.

Mapping Mayo Residential Property Sales

Smiley face The RPPR provides nice address information going back as far as 2010. In more recent years, the data also provides Eircodes. This all means that it is possible for Mayo Alerts to convert these lines of addresses into map points. We have published them on this page as well as on the Mayo Alerts Live Map. We use green map icons to specify the location of a property sale. All you need to do is tap/click over a green map icon to learn about a property sale. You'll need to login to your Mayo Alerts account to view individual sale prices.

Over 14,800 Mayo residential properties have been marked as SOLD! since 2010. To place these on a map would lead to a map of Mayo with nothing but green icons! Therefore, we have limited the property sales on the map, below, to all property sales since 2019. You can also tap over your locality name to quickly move the map to your preferred area:

Understanding recent trends

Using all data since 2010, we can present this data in a condensed way so you can visualize the residential property price market for Co. Mayo. You'll notice from the first graph below that the number of residential property sales in Co. Mayo has dramatically increased in recent years. Only 424 properties were sold in the county in 2011, while this more than trebled to 1553 residential property sales in 2022. This is visual evidence of the effect that the financial crash of 2008 had on the Mayo property market in 2008 and it took until 2014 for the volume of sales to increase as a result of this recession.

There's an obvious blip in the number of property sales in 2020 and it is likely that this was caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which slowed down conveyancing, property viewings and other aspects of the economy. The Mayo property market rebounded in 2021 and 2022.

Mayo Property Sales by Year

Source: Residential Property Price Register

Mayo Property Sales by Price Range, 2010-2023

Key Indicators, 2010-Present

Looking at the complete set of data for Mayo's residential property sales, we can work with data from RPPR going as far back as 2010. Almost 15,000 residential properties have been sold since that year with an average sale price of approximately €142K. Over €2B of residential property has been sold across the county.


Total number of residential properties sold in Mayo since 2010




Total accumulated price from Mayo residential property sales since 2010.


Average residential property sale price since 2010.

Let's focus on this year's results...

Of course, it is more relevant to look at today's property market so let's focus on property sales for 2024. Almost 900 residential property sales have been completed for this year alone, well short of the total figure of 1553 sales for 2022. Maybe the property market is slowing down?


Total number of residential properties sold in Mayo this year so far


Largest property sale this year: 1 SPIRE VIEW, BALLINA, CO. MAYO F26XR5X (23/06/2023)


Total accumulated price from Mayo residential property sales this year.


Average residential property sale price this year

What's next?

If you are interested in Mayo's residential property price information, then you can return to this page any time to view the updates. However, you will not receive any alerts about new property sales or updates from the RPPR. Our suggestion is that you sign up for as a subscriber, and you will receive unlimited alerts throughout the year for a variety of Mayo alert categories- including recent property sales.

Along with property sales, you can also opt in to receive alerts for planning activity, severe weather, public consultations, water issues, bathing water quality issues, tide tides for Mayo and much more.

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